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  • Can Cosmopolitan Service Corporation collect international claims?
    Yes! We collect nationally and internationally. Feel free to contact us directly for inquiries regarding international services.
  • Which documents are required to begin collection?
    Documentation can vary from claim to claim, however some of the most useful items include: a statement of account, corresponding invoices, a credit application, any personal guarantees, copies of any outstanding checks, and previous email communications which are pertinent to the collection issue.
  • Do you have multilingual staff on your collection team?
    Yes! Our collection team has professional language skills in Spanish, Polish, Italian, Greek, Arabic, and Russian.
  • What percentage of files require legal intervention?
    Usually, 10% of accounts are sent to litigation.
  • What is your success rate in collection?
    Our success rates have averaged between 72.1% and 74.7% over a five-year period.
  • What is your standard fee schedule?
    We operate on a 25% contingent fee.
  • How long has Cosmopolitan Service Corporation been in business?
    53 years and counting!
  • What is the average tenure of your staff?
    21 years.
  • How long has current management and ownership been in place?
    24 years.
  • What are your data security protocols?
    Cosmopolitan Service Corporation adheres to a written information security policy. The policy is updated annually. The policy has criteria covering software employment; senior level executive oversight; proper training modules; processes for reporting internal and external threats; processes for updating software, hardware, and applications on servers and endpoints and continuity planning.

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