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Parallel Lines

"Quality is not an act... 

it's a habit"

Industry Leaders in Responsibility

"Quality is not an act... 

it's a habit"


At Cosmopolitan, we understand that your cash flow is an important part of your business. Trusting an agency with your delinquent accounts can be a daunting step. Rest assured, our firm is committed to upholding industry-leading professional standards of ethics and responsibility.

Certified and Credentialed


Commercial Collection Agencies of America

We are proud to be a founding member of the CCA of A. Read more about our high standards of professional account recovery here:

Beyond Compliance

Licensed, Registered, Regulated

Cosmopolitan Service Corporation is registered with Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, and bonded by both State of Illinois and Commercial Collection Agencies of America. In addition to our home state of IL, we are also licensed and registered in all cities states and municipalities which are required by state or local law.


Distinguished Network


Association of Credit and Collection Professionals Member

The ACA works to bring together professionals from a wide variety of industries to establish strong ethical principles, cutting edge research, and stakeholder advocacy for agencies and affiliated parties. As an active contributing member, we are not only committed to the broader collection community, but make impacts beyond our excellent client service. 

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